Vehicle Challenges

The C2C Vehicle Challenges comprise a coordinated series of workshop and project experiences that could establish a pathway for C2C students from year 7 to 12. The C2C Vehicle Challanges are intended to complement existing projects such as Pedal Prix and F1 In Schools.

In 2016 schools are able to participate in any or all of the following:

  • Year 7-9 Junior Vehicle Challenge - Design, Manufacture and Test (assistance with other preparatory activities for Year 6-8 is available on request)
  • Year 7-9+ Senior Vehicle Challange - Build And Race
  • Year 9-11+ Vehicle Efficiency Challenge
  • Year 10-11 Urban Transport Challenge
  • Year 12 Research Based Project that meets SACE requirements.
  • Year 12 Research Based VET Project

GM Holden is the industry partner in the C2C Auto Challenges and provides mentors to work with school teams.

Click to watch GM Holden's video "Steel To Road - The Building of the Holden Commodore"


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