Thought Starters

Here are a few links and video clips to promote creativity and act as thought starters for students:

  • Biomimicry - developing sustainable tecnologies inspired by nature.
  • Rube Goldberg's wacky inventions a series of cartoon strips depicting the most elaborate and ridiculous devices to accomplish the most mundane tasks.
  • Junkyard Challenge - there are a whole collection of YouTube clips on this theme. Or why not develop your own? It is surprising what students will come up with when given a box of "bits and pieces" and a concept brief!
  • ABC Television's New Inventors


Now That's Clever!

The disappearing car door
[

Engineering In Carpentry

A fabulous example of engineering and craftsmanship
[

Engineers Of The Future

Teamwork, project management, engineering skills and a lot of imagination!
[

Future Mechanics

A glimpse of the future maybe?
[

Will Your Concept Work?

Extreme product testing
[

Don't Jump To Conclusions

The imporance of asking questions
[

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