Lean Manufacturing

An important element of the C2C program is the Lean Manufacturing Workshop run in schools by the C2C Team, with approximately 500 students participating each year. The Lean Manufacturing Workshop introduces C2C students to the concept of lean manufacturing through a challenging and fun activity. The workshop also demonstrates the importance of team work and communication, skills which students will find invaluable in their C2C projects.

So what is lean manufacturing? In simple terms the principles of lean manufacturing are used by companies to reduce the amount of energy, resources and time utilised in the manufacturing of products and increase the overall efficiency of the organisation.

"This was my first experience of the Lean Manufacturing Workshop presented to students by Ron and Wendy. Presenting the information about the processes and decision making about manufacturing efficiency in an experiential form was outstanding. A foundation of understanding about manufacturing was developed through description of local examples of car production. The students then engaged in actual team planning and decision making  experiences in the pursuit of efficiency and maintaining quality through the manufacture of paper aircraft.

The process had real world applications, as instant graphing of production outcomes revealed where the students costs were limiting their potential for profit.

No lecture or multi-media presentation could provide the level of student engagement and applied learning that is provided in the hands on experience that Lean Manufacturing delivered.........Michael Hern, Henley High School"

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