what is the C2C suite of programs

C2C (Concept2Creation) was introduced as a project-based activity whereby small groups of students used a project management process to develop a product or service from concept to creation. As this generated a range of responses from various participants, it is now being presented as a suite of programs that are complementary to the learning needs of students at various levels of learning.

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The C2C suite of programs comprises:

The C Program (Primary & Middle Years)

This program provides opportunities for students to be introduced to Advanced Manufacturing through assistance with tours, talks, simple projects and linkage with a participating secondary school.

Short courses in some relevant skills are available through partnering tertiary institutions for Year 9 & 10 students of schools that are integrated C2C in higher year levels.

The C2C Program (Year Ten)

This program supports small teams of students to identify a concept for a product or service that aligns with Advanced Manufacturing and to then utilise a project management approach to create it. There is an expectation that tours, relevant training and mentorship by industry and tertiary education partners will be key component of the program.

The C2C+ Program (Year Eleven)

This program provides small teams of students with a range of concept briefs that have been developed by industry partners. Using project management skills, plus training and mentorship that is offered through NAMIG, teams work to take the concept to creation.

The C2C2 Program (Year Twelve)

This program offers two distinct options. These are:

  • Further refinement of a project commenced in C2C+ or negotiation of another learning activity that aligns with Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Provision of some opportunities to assist C2C graduates in their preparation for transition to tertiary education.