Wireless Object Locator

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The Concept

"Where did I put my car keys?" is a question that you must have heard many times in your life! How often have you put something down and then spent ages looking for it? Well, this group decided to invent a gadget that would end this frustration!

The idea was to develop small "tags" that could be clipped onto items which are often misplaced. These tags would be designed so that if they received a uniquely coded signal from an RF transmitted, they would emit a bleeping sound as well as flash an LED. A single transmitter could be used to control any number of tags. This transmitter could be fitted at a central point such as in the kitchen or the pantry of a house.

The idea being, if you are looking for an item which has the tag attached, you could go to the transmitter and press the associated button. The transmitter would then send out a coded signal for a specific tag and voila, your item has been located!Temple Christian object locator

The Creation

The students realised the time constraints imposed on developing a project that required integrating RF transmitters/receivers with purpose-made control circuitry. To address this they decided to research which components were readily available, and then attempt to integrate these components with their own work.

They were able to purchase the transmitter/receiver pairs, which they then built into their own microcontroller circuitry. Upon reviewing the finished product, the students identified many other industry based applications for their invention. Well done!




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