C Projects

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The C program is the pre-cursor to NAMIG's suite of programs and provides opportunities for younger students to be introduced to Advanced Manufacturing through assistance with tours, talks, simple projects and linkage with a participating secondary school.

The C program includes C2C Vehicle Challenges, Power & Sustainability and Intro To Aviation.


Power & Sustainability Project

In association with The School of Engineering Systems, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and The Australian Power Institute (API) and University of South Australia, NAMIG introduced a Power and Sustainability project to the suite of C2C programmes.

One of the major problems associated with disaster relief is the provision of fresh water when there is no power supply to pump water from the source to the people. Engineers provide solutions to problems of this type.

The Power & Sustainability Project Mission challenges students to determine the best operating voltage to operate a solar water pump to provide the maximum flow rate of water in a day from sunrise to sunset.

For more information contact the C2C Team



C2C Vehicle Challenges

The C2C Vehicle Challenges are a coordinated series of workshops and project experiences that could establish a pathway for C2C students from year 7 to 12.

C2C schools can participate in any or all of the following:

  • Year 7/8 Vehicle Challenge - Junior
    Introduction to a production line process linked to the automotive industry through a fun activity. This can be arranged to tie in with a visit to the Birdwood Motor Museum's "productivity workshop".
  • Year 7-9+ Vehicle Challenge - Senior
    A simple build and race competition using a supplied chassis component pack and body that needs only limited modification.Focus is on the process required to assemble the race car in the most efficient manner. The competition uses automotive/manufacturing industry specific requirements and it is recommended that this be prefaced with a C2C Lean Manufacturing Workshop. Student teams are required to produce a technical report detailing the design cycle and provide an oral presentation on the day of competition.
  • Year 9-11 Vehicle Efficiency Challenge
    Participating student teams design and manufacture a Scalextric car to be used in conjunction with a standard Scalextric Sport Track.  Teams are required to design a car that will carry a load over the maximum distance using the minimum energy. As a minimum the car must complete 10 laps in 15 minutes.
    Student teams are required to produce a technical report detailing the design cycle and provide an oral report on the day of competition.

For more information contact the C2C Team


Intro To Aviation (Model Aircraft Design)

In 2011 we introduced a teaching series that applies professional aircraft design principles to simple radio controlled aircraft design

The teacher series was created for C2C by two post graduate students from the University of South Australia (one of whom is now a teacher at a C2C school

For more information on Introduction To Aviation, contact the C2C Team.