“My C2C experience was the turning point for me in choosing which career pathway I wanted to follow.  We designed a communication device to help kids with severe autism to express their feelings.  We were made an offer to sell our prototype it was so successful.  The problem solving, team and leadership skills that I have developed through C2C will stay with me for life”

Joshua Smiech, ex Para Hills High School and BAE/NAMIG Scholarship recipient 2009


“Students’ problem-solving, team and employability skills have markedly increased and their career awareness, especially of advanced manufacturing opportunities, has risen. Students have also gained insight into the important role that mathematics, science and technology have to play in their futures.
As a result many more of these students have chosen mathematics, physics and electrotechnology studies in their senior years, a significant proportion seriously considering engineering career pathways.”

Bob Haskard, Sustainability & Innovations Coordinator, ValleyView Secondary School


“The NAMIG C2C Program has achieved impressive results and BAE Systems Australia has been a proud supporter since its inception. Our commitment includes three engineering scholarships to encourage more young South Australians to pursue tertiary studies in maths, science and technology.”

Jim McDowell (former Chief Executive, BAE Systems Australia)


“Whilst industry and education partnerships exist across a variety of industry sectors, NAMIG’s Concept2Creation program provides an innovative and unique hands on, project based approach allowing students to gain the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the emerging sector of advanced manufacturing”

Steve Myatt, Director, Australian Industry Group


Since its inception a small number of industry champions have invested amazing levels of time and energy in developing and championing NAMIG, reflecting their own passion and commitment to the goals of the program. They have broken new ground in engaging industry leaders, government and other stakeholders and have pioneered a unique program based on applied problem-based learning delivered in partnership with industry.

Mick O'Neill (former Executive Director, Policy and Business Environment, Department of Trade and Economic Development)