Models of Engagement 2008

Concept2Creation (C2C)

Careers+Community (C+C)


What follows is a summary of the programs used to develop in our year 10 cohort a wider understanding of the relationship between school and their post school options as well as exposing them to a variety of 'real life' experiences.  Both programs have evolved from our initial involvement with NAMIG (Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group) in 2005.  C2C has developed from an initial trial with 2 select groups of year 10 students, to the present where all students participate in a semester of each program enabling them to gain two SACE units for their active and successful involvement.

A multiple teacher approach has been adopted for both C2C and C+C with staff from a variety of learning areas working with students each Wednesday both in school, in industry and in the community.  Student's timetables are such that regular lessons do not occur on this day to allow for excursions, industry visits, guest speakers, work placement/shadowing, volunteering and intensive practical work.

In the time since C2C and C+C have become firmly embedded into the year 10 program, a culture of encouraging project/problem based learning and student-centred experience has been fostered, with students taking greater responsibility for their own learning and developing a sense of independence they have not experienced in previous years.

Both programs acknowledge the changing environment of today's workforce and are based on the premise that lifelong learning is essential if students are to be successful in the workplace as well as in their personal lives.



September 2008

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