Useful Research Sites

The University of South Australia provides some project ideas on their website

For those interested in developing their mathematics skills, to enable their creative engineering side to flourish, I recommend the Mathletics system of on-line tutoring.

Here you will find some resources to help you integrate technology into your curriculum.

Educational Software for Electrical and Electronics Training. Add computer aided instruction to your training today! Learning objects can be useful tools to convey difficult to understand concepts.
Here's a set of ten to try for free.

This site has lots of system module designs for you. Each one has been carefully tested and worked perfectly for me. All you need do is to insert it in your design and hey presto!

One of the most important concepts in electronic control systems is that of a voltage divider. Here's a useful tutorial to help you understand how "currently" it all divides up!

This website provides teachers with access to a dedicated training resource and in-depth support material, designed to help you promote, teach and support Electronics, Communications and Technology (ECT) within your school curriculum.

Interested in developing your intellect and making someTHINK happen? Two of the sites in Adelaide that have numerous projects and learning aids for electro-technology.

There's online games and freebie sample puzzles at