Valley View Secondary School C2C Expo - June 2007

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Report by DC, Valley View Secondary School's Official Student Reporter

At Valley View Secondary School this year Concept to Creation has been a main focus for our Year 10 students. Our goal is for more hands-on work so that students can have a lot more experience in outside work and get a feel for what the work force is like.

We have been doing this through NAMIG (Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group) and the local Council. There is a variety of companies, businesses and industries that sponsor schools around northern Adelaide so that students experience learning in many different ways.
For two terms our Year 10 students have been fully focused on their tasks. They were all independently set tasks and the students got to choose the field they were to focus on for a semester up until the night of the expo.

Many people attended this expo. There were approximately 230 people from all different areas - students, parents, families, industry representatives, teachers from Valley View, teachers from other schools, University of South Australia lecturers and last of all members from various government departments. This night was extremely good. All groups were very organised and they all were very polite. Valley View students showed a high standard of maturity on this evening.

Firstly we had the very brave Corey who was the spokesman for the night. He gave a great talk about what C2C is to the students of Valley View Secondary and he also did a great job of introducing everyone as they came up on behalf of their groups. Corey and all the other students came out of their shells that night, showing us how much responsibility everyone had. Next up was Stephen on behalf of the engineering groups. He told us how the engineering groups went with their projects. He also explained the process they followed and all of the difficulties they overcame. From the service groups we had Latasha and Nikki who also explained how the service groups organised their projects. Last of all for the students we had Josh on behalf of the electronics groups. He told us all about these groups and some of the things each group did to present their piece. At the end of the speeches students thanked all of those involved.

Then the person we can't forget, the person who has put so much into our school, our Principal, Ms Mead, told us her feelings about C2C and how she felt this approach to learning was different, yet gave the students a wide range of learning experiences. She felt this was a great opportunity and thanked all students for participating so willingly. Liz Mead said "Just ask students and staff, everyone gets in and gives it a go with much learning through trial and error."

Overall, this night was excellent and all activities were presented well.

I felt a strong vibe of teamwork, which is great. Keep it up Year 10s.

DC, July 2007

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