c2c expo 2007

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Students from Northern Adelaide and surrounds show off their skills


Reverse OsmosisWhat do a homemade wind tunnel, a mobile “leisure” seat, delicious “stud” muffins and a catchy hip hop song by Shadow Asylum have in common?  They are all C2C/PBL projects produced by high school students on show at the third annual regional C2C Expo held on the 21 November at the Playford Civic Centre in Elizabeth, South Australia.  Over 300 students demonstrated their C2C/PBL Projects at the Expo.

The Expo is the final phase of the C2C projects which are conceived and created by Northern Adelaide (and surrounds) high school students.  Students from years 8 through 11 develop their understanding of advanced manufacturing and business development through the Concept 2 Creation – Problem Based Learning Projects.


One of the features of the Expo is the much coveted C2C shirt.  The industry partners donate the funds for the shirts which are locally made to order for the program.  Only those students who complete their projects receive a C2C shirt giving the shirts extra meaning.

NAMIG and the C2C team of teachers and experts guide students through their semester long process as they come up with a product or service which will solve a problem or fulfill a market need.  In C2C teams the students plan, research and develop the product or service going through the product life cycle from Concept 2 Creation while at the same time developing the skills necessary to work in teams, keep to a budget and, as they all found out on 21 November, adhering to a very real and pressure packed time frame.

Shadow AsylumThe C2C Program was developed by a group of advanced manufacturers (NAMIG) in Northern Adelaide to introduce students in the region to the range of careers available in advanced manufacturing which includes the automotive, aviation, defence and other local specialised manufacturers and to develop the necessary employability and entrepreneurial skills needed for the future of the students and the region.

The C2C Program is built on an integrated program which brings together experiences such as industry tours, project development, workshops and industry assistance in an applied learning environment.   This multi faceted approach along with comprehensive teacher professional development has proven to be a highly successful model of effective and sustainable industry/education engagement.  

At last count over 1000 students have had a significant C2C experience which has already increased student participation in school, has led to greater uptake of senior science and maths subjects and has led to such significant changes in student behavior and attitude that a number of schools now have dedicated weekly C2C days for the development of the C2C Program.

AudienceWhat started out as an ambitious yet untested program in 2005 which planned to impact on a few hundred young people has now grown into a regional program.  C2C has gone from the original 125 students in 2005, to over 500 in 2007 and an anticipated 700+ in 2008. 

The C2C Expo is the public manifestation of the very personal growth which students experience during their C2C project development.  The Expo demonstrated that there are 700 good reasons to make sure the 2008 C2C Program and Expo are even better.

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